We have divided your FAQ in the following categories: Some rules apply only when booking using our website.

  • Apartment booking and payment
  • After booking
  • At the apartment
  • Inside the apartment


How can I find the apartments for my dates?

At the apartments page you have the list of all apartments. To find the one available first you have define the destination. In case you leave it blank we will search for all our properties in Portugal. You must insert check-in and check-out dates and the number of guests. Click the “search” button. The result will only show available Flats4Rent apartments.

You can then click on the apartment´s image or the apartment´s name to get further information such as location, amenities and photo gallery. If you still have doubts contact us so we can help you decide the best place to stay. Just click on the “enquire” button and send us your questions.

How do I book an apartment? Booking is an easy 5 step process.

1 – Choose your apartment at the apartments page You must define the check-in, check-out days and the number of guests.

2 – Click on the “book now” button. The next page will show you the price details. The “due now” price is the price you have to pay to guarantee the reservation. The rest of the amount due will be charged at the moment of check-in. The “due now” price represents 5% of the total rent amount, plus the refundable damage fee and any extra service you might have purchased.

3 – Fill out the form with your personal details, read and accept our terms and conditions and click the “Go to payment” button.

4 – You will be directed to the HIPAY page to fill out your credit card details and pay the booking securely.

5 – In a few seconds we’ll send a confirmation email if the payment has been successful.

Within 24 hours (48 hours at weekends) you’ll receive an email with your booking voucher with reservation details and instructions to follow on the day you arrive. This email will also include the address of your apartment, the phone number of your contact person and all the information on how to pay the outstanding amount at check-in.

If you want to make a last-minute booking for today or tomorrow—no problem! We’ll send you an immediate confirmation as soon as we get it!

It´s easy as that. Never forget that we are here to assist you 24 hours a day.

What is the company’s cancellation policy?

All cancellations should be communicated in writing via e-mail.

  • Before 7 days from the booked arrival date – full refund
  • Less than 7 days before the booked arrival date – 50%
  • No show -100%
  • We will refund 100% of extra services and the damage deposit fee, with the exception of transfer services where the guest does not show.

There is no charge if the customer cancels a reservation before 7 days from the booked arrival date. If a customer cancels a reservation less than 7 days before the booked arrival date we will charge 100% of the rent amount.

How do I pay for my booking? The quickest way to confirm your booking is to pay the deposit with a credit/debit card or PayPal, using our online payment method. This safe and effective method is strictly confidential and ensures the utmost security for your transactions.

Is there another way to pay for the reservation? You can also pay via wire transfer. The amount must be at our account by the time of your check-in date. Please contact us and we will help you out. If you still have problems, your bank may have blocked payment (perhaps because you aren’t authorised to make online payments in a different currency, have limited bank account, etc…). Contact your bank and check your terms and conditions.

What does the confirmation email contain? The confirmation email contains all the information on your stay and confirms that the booking process was successful. It also contains the name and number of the apartment, apartment address, Flats4Rent phone numbers and how to check in.

When will I receive the confirmation email? Within 24 hours (48 hours on weekends) of paying your deposit.

I haven’t received the confirmation email. What should I do? Make sure it isn’t in your spam folder; if it isn’t, please contact us.

How do I find out the exact address of the apartment? You’ll find the full address of your apartment in the confirmation email you’ll get within 24 hours (48 hours on weekends) of paying your deposit.

However, you can see the location of the apartment on the map on the apartment´s detail page at the Flats4Rent website. You can algo phone us and tell us the name or apartment´s number and we will help you get to our apartment.

How do I pick up the keys to the apartment? One set of apartment keys will be given to you by our Flats4Rent staff member at the time of the check-in. Please give attention to our key loss policy that will be at the apartment in the apartment rules guide.

What happens if my booking isn’t confirmed? If we are unable to offer the apartment you booked, we will do everything possible to offer you a similar apartment. If this apartment should not be to the customer’s liking, or if there are no other apartments available for the dates in question, the deposit paid will be refunded in full.

After booking

Can I pay the outstanding balance for my booking by credit card? All due amount must be paid in cash. To avoid carrying around large amounts of cash, we recommend you withdrawing the money from an ATM once you’ve left your suitcases in the apartment. You should check with your bank that you can make international withdrawals and find out what your daily withdrawal limit is.

Can I get an invoice for a deposit paid online and the balance? Yes. We can provide you with an invoice for the deposit paid online. You must ask our office or our Flats4Rent staff team at check-in. The invoice might take up to 48 business hours and it will be sent to you by e-mail.

Can I get the email of the owner of the apartment or the contact person? No, you can’t. Regretfully, we can’t give you this information, but, don’t worry, we are at your disposal i case you need help with any issue that concerns the property.

What’s the exact address of the apartment? The address is found in the websites´s apartment´s page. Also you’ll be given the full address of the apartment in the confirmation e-mail within 24 hours (48 hours on weekends) after paying your reservation.

What languages do the contact people speak? We have English, French, Portuguese and Spanish spoken people in our staff. And if you need any additional assistance, you can always contact our office. Our customer service team will be glad to help you in any way whatsoever!

Can I request a cot or a high chair for my baby? We can arrange cots and high chairs if previously requested in advance. This way we’ll be able to ensure it will be there waiting for you when you arrive at the apartment.

I want to add an extra night (or more) to my booking. What should I do? Contact our customer service team. If the apartment is available for the night(s) in question, we’ll update your booking and confirm the new total price of your stay. To guarantee any extension of your booking, you’ll have to pay an additional deposit: please call our office and we’ll process the payment directly by phone.

Can I add extra people to my booking? You can add people, provided you don’t exceed the total limit for the apartment. At the apartment´s page you can always verify the total amount. You must contact our Flats4Rent office so we can update your booking. Bear in mind that some apartments provide sofa-beds instead of ordinary beds to fit the total amount permitted.

I want to cancel one night (or more). What must I do? You may cancel one or more nights in your booking provided you still meet the required minimum number of nights’ stay for the apartment in question. We kindly remind you that the deposit paid for your original booking is strictly nonrefundable, so although we will make the necessary changes to the price of your stay, we will not return the proportional part of the deposit you paid.

If the number of nights you cancel takes you below the required minimum number of nights’ stay for the apartment in question, the price of your stay will remain unchanged.

I want to move my booking to a different apartment. Is this possible? Normally we are unable to move a booking from one apartment to another. Our apartments belong to different owners who reserved the dates of your booking in the apartment calendar on the day you made your booking. If we had to move your booking we would have to treat it as a cancellation and pay the owner compensation. Nevertheless, one owner may own a number of apartments available for rent through Flats4Rent. In this case, we could move the booking to another apartment. Contact our customer service team and check the terms and conditions of the apartment in question.

At the apartment

How do I pick up the keys to the apartment? One set of apartment keys will be given to you by our Flats4Rent staff member at the time of the check-in. Please give attention to our key loss policy that will be at the apartment in the apartment rules guide.

Can I check in directly at the apartment?  All Flats4Rent check-ins are made at the apartment. Unless we take you from the airport straight to the apartment, a Flats4Rent staff member will be waiting for you at the building or house door. It´s mandatory to call us at least 45 minutes.

What time can I check in? Unless otherwise agreed, the check-in is from 2.00 pm. until 10:00 pm. However, you can verify this information in your booking voucher. The check-in after 10.00 pm is subject to the payment of a fee of 30 €, payable directly on arrival.

What time can I check out? The check-out is until 12.00 am, and you are expected to leave the apartment at the designed check-out time defined during the check-in.

A later check-out between 12.00 am and 06.00 pm, it’s possible if the apartment is available, but it is subject to a payment of a fee of 25 €.

Can I enter the apartment before the usual check-in time? Yes, provided the apartment is clean and there are no guests leaving the flat on the day you arrive.

Can I leave the apartment after the usual check-out time? Yes, provided there are no guests arriving on the day you leave. On the morning of your departure day, your contact person will be able to let you know whether the apartment is booked or not.

Where can I leave my luggage before checking in or after checking out? There is a luggage at Rossio metro station. Unfortunately you cannot leave your luggage at our office.

I’ve just checked in and I don’t like the apartment. Change I change? Our apartments are in the top city destinations and have been carefully selected to offer you a pleasant, comfortable stay.

Our website features maps, detailed descriptions and photos of all our apartments: finding a flat to meet your own particular needs it’s quick and easy;when you arrive, you’ll find the apartment as described.

Your apartment has been reserved especially for you ever since the moment you booked it;if we moved you to a different apartment, we’d have to pay the owner compensation for cancelling your booking. So if you really wanted to change apartment without a valid reason, we’d have to cancel your booking and make a new one, in which case we wouldn’t return any of the money you’d paid.

If, however, you do have valid reason for wanting to change apartment, call your contact person and we’ll do everything possible to solve the problem.

Why do I pay for a refundable damage deposit? We know accidents can happen. Since this someone else´s apartment there must be a compensation in case of any property caused during your stay. That’s why we need to verify if everything is OK at check-out. In case of damage, the damage deposit may be kept partially or fully.

When will I get the damage deposit back? Once we’ve inspected the apartment, we’ll return your damage deposit either in cash or paid to your credit card, depending on how you paid it on the day you arrived. If you paid in cash, you’ll get the money back on the day you leave. If you paid by card, the money will be paid back to the same card within eight days after you leave.

Where can I park my car? Some of our apartments have a parking place; others don’t. Look at the apartment factsheet to check whether your apartment does or not. If it doesn’t, don’t worry: when you arrive and call your contact person you’ll be given all the necessary information to park nearby without any trouble.

Inside the apartment

What items will I find inside the apartment? It depends on the apartment you’ve booked. In general, you’ll find everything you need when you first arrive: washing-up liquid, scouring pads, toilet paper, etc. We provide only the first supplies. All additional supplies should be managed by the guest.

Is there internet in the apartment? Almost all our apartments have a free internet connection. Check the “Apartment features” section on the apartment factsheet.

What appliances will I find in the apartment? It depends on the apartment you’ve booked. Check the apartment amenities section on the apartment´s page. The kitchen will be equipped with all the utensils you’ll need to cook: pots, pans, plates, cutlery, glasses, mugs, etc.

Are towels and sheets provided? Yes, you’ll find towels and sheets in all our apartments.

Can I bring pets? Nearly all properties will not allow pets. Some countryside houses only. You can search using the pet friendly apartments.

Can I smoke in the apartment? All apartments are non smoking. Even in the outside varandas and balconies

I’m in the apartment and there’s something missing or broken. What should I do? Call the contact person so we can replace any missing or broken items as quickly as possible.

What should I do if an appliance doesn’t work? Call the contact person so we can send a maintenance technician to fix it or replace it as soon as possible.

Should I clean the apartment before I leave? No, you don’t have to thoroughly clean the apartment. We simply ask that you leave it neat and tidy and take out the rubbish. Please don’t leave rubbish outside the door to your apartment or outside the door to the building: use the rubbish bins provided for that purpose in the street.

There’s an emergency in the apartment. What should I do? If there’s an emergency before 9.00 pm call the contact person at the number you’ll find in the confirmation email. After 9.00 pm, and only in the case of a genuine emergency, call the emergency number given in the confirmation e-mail. We’re always on hand to help you with whatever you need.

I’ve left something in the apartment. What should I do? Email our customer service team at info@feelslikehome.pt. We’ll try to locate the object as quickly as possible.